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Class Orders

Postby Toxis » Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:23 am

This is to help players understand more about about classes and class orders (classo or classo’s), which is the order of which you pick your classes from your prime to your last. There are many things not known to mortals yet, but this is my advice on classes and how to pick what you want to play for whatever affect you desire.

First, for all you new players, get level 7 prime and level 1 secondary THEN get level 8 prime. If you don’t understand what prime is, it’s the class you chose when creating your character. Having at least a level 1 secondary will give you 5 rolls to pick stats from at level 8 prime. HELP STATS.

How do you decide what classo to choose? Think what you like to do the most: solo, group, stab, shift, use summoned creatures, blast, tank, heal… there’s many different ways to play and you can adjust your character accordingly. Knowing which of these you might like the best will decide your prime. If you don’t know what you would like to play, don’t worry. There is a player testing mode here on sloth. HELP PTEST

Choosing your class order also decides the way your stats are ordered. Your character’s stats are chosen by your prime and second class. To see how your stats are ordered, HELP STAT ORDER.

Caster classes: cleric, mage, druid, necromancer
Noncaster classes: warrior, thief, monk, bard

A caster prime has more mana and mana regeneration than a noncaster and has less hit points and hit point regen. Noncaster primes have higher hit points and hit point regeneration while having lower mana and mana regeneration.

Your secondary class greatly affects your hit points, hit point regen, mana, and mana regen. A caster/caster will have great mana and mana regen with lower hit points, and a noncaster/noncaster will have high hit points and low mana and mana regen. So if you have a nc/ca or ca/nc the mana, hit points, and regen meet somewhere in the middle and becomes sort of a hybrid character.

Your third class somewhat affects your hit points and mana. You won’t have many hit points more in this spot than if you chose a caster, but if you choose a caster you will see noticeably more mana. Yet having a noncaster in this spot can be beneficial depending on how you want to build your character. After reading the entire guide, perhaps it will be more clear if you want caster or noncaster third.

Your fourth class will only get some minor hit points if warrior. Bard will give even less hit points but some mana. A caster will give you some mana upon leveling.

All of the four first spots in your classorder will gain moves if you have thief, monk, or bard in any of those locations. You will also gain some hp, ma, and mv from your last four classes in your class order, but has no bearing on the amount due to any positioning.

For the most part, classes five through eight have little affect on their positioning. You might not be able to get good shift forms or summon or animate dead the creatures you want. It might be a good idea to help forms, help anim, and help summon undead cr to see the restrictions it will have upon your character.

The Classes:

Cleric: Powerful heals and fantastic group character. A good cleric can really boost the power of a group. You’ll want cleric at least by third or fourth class picked or you will struggle for awhile. The further down the class order, the less the max heal bonus you can obtain and the less supplicants you will be able to summon.
Cleric strengths: dark mace, aerial servant, large heals, powerful supplication, gain xp on raise dead, mass heal, mass remove disease, dark mace

Mage: Great blasting spells takes mobs down fast. They get frostbolts which comes in handy in a lot of places especially on mobs that are immune to fire. Mirror images allows them to negate damage from four or five attacks, no matter how powerful a mob hits. Reflection turns blasting spells back on the mob, yet sometimes on fellow group members so best used solo.
Mage strengths: frostbolt, blizzard, mirror images, and reflection.

Druid: Druids regen fast and their shapeshift forms are a tad more powerful, not to mention they are the only ones who can get piasa form. Druid prime is great for those who like to shift to kill mobs. Druid also works great second for any caster. Druid regen prime and second are really good, tert is lowish, and quad will give only a few points. Druid regen is based on a percentage of increased mana regen. The further down the line of your classorder that druid is, the less forms you will be able to use.
Druid strengths: shapeshift and piasa prime form, canopied arbor, shield of thorns, and shapeshift form to form

Necromancer: Necros are great for soloing big mobs. Their undead followers can be devastating.
The necromancer’s ju-ju is extremely powerful. Necromancers also get wraithform and deathpact, both which are quite good. Having necro second or third is good for your undead control, which gives bonus to hitroll and hitpoints for your undead followers. Even quad, ten undead control is fairly decent. The further down the line of your classorder, the less undeads you will be able to summon down the road.
Necro strengths: ju-ju follower and undead summons/animates, wraithform, and deathpact
Undead control from prime: 22/16/12/10/6?/6/6?/6?

Warrior: Warriors are the tanks of the mud. In a group, tanks take (Point) which is the person in group that rescues everyone else if they’re getting attacked. They have the most hit points and can get ac over -11 all the way up to around -13. They get innate -.1 ac at three points in their lifetime. Warriors get decent damage and their parry can block an attack per round. They’re great at avoiding damage. Having warrior second will give high hit points and it’s easier for rolling stats on thieves and monks as strength is a warrior’s prime stat. Warrior third or fourth you gain a little more hit points than a caster would yet no mana. One of the advantages of warrior third or fourth is to gain skills and ac equipment restrictions faster.
Warrior strengths: good armor class, parry, riposte, second wind, and massive critical hit

Thief: Thieves are great stabbers, dealing a lot of damage from the start of battle. Thieves like to hit high damage, low hit point, high xp mobs- but are not limited to them. Thieves wear damage and don’t rely on armor class. The further down the line thief is in your classorder, the worse the stab will be.
Thief strengths: stab, apply poison, circle, sleight of hand,

Monk: Monks have a good opening attack, damage reduction, and barehanded attacks that do great damage. The further down the classorder monk is the worse your hand damage and damage reduction cap will be. This is a great spot second or third for the damage reduction and hand damage.
Monk strengths: deathgrip, damage reduction, focus, presage, wraithtouch, kensai, deathtouch

Bard: Bards sing a variety of songs that help groups as well as themselves. The higher up bards are in classorder the more charisma you will be able to obtain. Also higher in classorder means you will be able to affect more players and followers. Bard, prime thru quad, gives a bit of hit points and mana even though it is considered a noncaster class. Bard is great prime, fourth, or any of the last four classes.
Bard strengths: dance of the seven luck gods, call of the sidhe, song of the mist, gods of war, brothers in arms and valor, and adaptation to circumstances are arguably the best, but there are a few others that are really good such as reign of the confusion.

I hope this helps. If anyone else has added information that they've gathered over the years, or any advice to add, pls post.

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