Quest and forge syntax

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Quest and forge syntax

Postby *juggleblood* » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:20 pm

This is just a little information to help new folk work with forger and quester mobiles. Especially when exploring new areas.


Query mob about <item keyword> will return some information about the item, unless the quest is hidden / secret. This may or may not tell you the components required.

Forges can be of the type <forge> <trade> or <buy>. Occasionally with a forge some component will be faulty causing the whole forge to fail, destroying the components. This is not very frequent. Trades and purchases do not do this.

Asking mob about x will sometimes return hints, sometimes not. Query mob about x will return something like I don't know how to make that item, if there is a forge by another name. Remember that ask and query are not the same cmd.

Depending on the forge type, you may also be able to type list.


Ask mobile about quest should give you an opening message if the mob has a quest unless it is something hidden / secret that requires some other action be taken first elsewhere.

Then asking about things in the hint message should eventually get you the info you need to complete it. Some quests require that you register for the quest by typing undertake quest_name. Quest names will have underscores between words. Ask mob about quest_name will usually return useful info.

I recommend you don't undertake quests willy nilly because some are on a timer, and by undertaking you are starting the timer. Many quests don't require registration, simply giving an item to a mobile. But don't give a mob anything until you are sure it is the right mob. I.e. read the clues and don't make assumptions. Also if you are expecting an item in return, make sure you have room in your inventory for it. Be standing up, visible, and in human form when dealing with questers and forgers. There are a few questers that can only accommodate one or a few players at a time. Query mob about questers should let you know if the quest is busy.

There is a section of the crier dedicated to autoquests as well as a board ingame in the adventurers guild of Bal Harbor. We ask that you please not discuss autoquests on open channels, i.e. gossip, newbie, auction, quest. It's just a tradition that such talk be done in smaller channels or on the boards.

I hope this helps.
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