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  a hexagonal shaped token
OBJECT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION = a hexagonal shaped token
A Lemming in Aisholm Guilds (Ah) [MAP]
A Phantom Dragoon Guard in Castle Black (Ah) [MAP]
The Librarian in Castle Black (Ah) [MAP]
A Nude Virgin in Castle Zodiac II (Ah) [MAP]
Phenmemalin's Wife in Castle Zodiac II (Ah) [MAP]
A Crystal Gargoyle in Cleric Tower (Ah) [MAP]
A School Of Sightless Fish in Cleric Tower (Ah) [MAP]
A Diabolan Subject in Diabolan Valley Encampment (Ah) [MAP]
A Kjeldoran Mage in Diabolan Valley Encampment (Ah) [MAP]
A Hungry Ice Troll in Frozen Tundra (Ah) [MAP]
An Ice Troll Guard in Frozen Tundra (Ah) [MAP]
A Client in Judge's Temple (Ah) [MAP]
Mot in Negative Energy Plane (Ah) [MAP]
The King Of Penguins in Penguin Vale (Ah) [MAP]
The Crypt Guardian in The Crypt (Ah) [MAP]
The Master Dark Monk in The Crypt (Ah) [MAP]
General Shandlar in The Diabolan-Sardaukar Citadel (Ah) [MAP]
The Craw Wurm in The Diabolan-Sardaukar Citadel (Ah) [MAP]
An Ice Behir in The Highlands (Ah) [MAP]
The Princess Bee in The Hive (Ah) [MAP]
Nanook's Girlfriend in The Nordik Trek (Ah) [MAP]
Lila in Thule Beach (Ah) [MAP]
A Small Cherub in Unseen University (Ah) [MAP]
A Large Black Widow Spider in Blood Requiem (BH) [MAP]
A Fisherman in Crystal Falls (BH) [MAP]
A Violet Orchid in Crystal Falls (BH) [MAP]
Mystic Remora in Crystal Falls (BH) [MAP]
A Chaos Hound in Duergar Caverns (BH) [MAP]
A Man in Eden (BH) [MAP]
A Woman in Eden (BH) [MAP]
A Lesser Soul in Hades (BH) [MAP]
A Tiny Little Rock Sprite in High Plains (BH) [MAP]
Lady Zihaya in Kara'sa (BH) [MAP]
A Bottle Nosed Dolphin in Kuo-Toan Hamlet (BH) [MAP]
A Huge Wererat in Lycanthropia (BH) [MAP]
The Wererat King in Lycanthropia (BH) [MAP]
A Titanic Iron Golem in Matterhorn Valley (BH) [MAP]
The Destruction Instructor in School of Cholemry (BH) [MAP]
A Dark Temple Monk in Temple of Krom (BH) [MAP]
A Margoyle in Temple of Krom (BH) [MAP]
A Gold-robed Apprentice in Temple of the Sun (BH) [MAP]
A Cook in The Asylum (BH) [MAP]
A Rat Boy in The Asylum (BH) [MAP]
Uyp Alla in The Castle of the Family Degrance (BH) [MAP]
A Zombie in The Catacombs (BH) [MAP]
You in The Clouds (BH) [MAP]
The Cook in The Emerald Mine (BH) [MAP]
Farmer Dan in The Great Northern Road (BH) [MAP]
A Maenad in The Greek Forest (BH) [MAP]
A Maenad Votary in The Greek Forest (BH) [MAP]
A Barge Captain in The King's Bazaar (BH) [MAP]
A Sea Captain in The King's Bazaar (BH) [MAP]
A Sentry Guard in The King's Bazaar (BH) [MAP]
The Shadow Golem in The Thordfalan Volcano (BH) [MAP]
A Drunk Wagoneer Captain in The Wagoneer's Camp (BH) [MAP]
Marlore The Arch Warlock in The Witches Domain (BH) [MAP]
A Hobgoblin Guard in Thordfalan Slavers (BH) [MAP]
Eugrene in Thordfalan Slavers (BH) [MAP]
Kelso Xalvenskye in Thordfalan Slavers (BH) [MAP]
A Battle Knight in Tomb of The Forever King (BH) [MAP]
The Troglodyte Chef in Troglodytes (BH) [MAP]
The First Mate on The Clipper (Cl) [MAP]
A Stowaway in Canaa & Canaa's Wharf (Is) [MAP]
A Small Deemonee in Deemonee Warren (Is) [MAP]
Loremaster in Infernite Mines (Is) [MAP]
A Mean Horned Dursimite in Kingdom of Jrontauq (Is) [MAP]
Triclore in Orc Mines (Is) [MAP]
A Physician in Palace of Thalassas (Is) [MAP]
Captain Unai in Palace of Thalassas (Is) [MAP]
The Guard in Palace of Thalassas (Is) [MAP]
An Executioner's Pupil in Prison of King Cicero (Is) [MAP]
Coelophysis in Saurian Frontier (Is) [MAP]
A Tabaxi Sniper in Tabaxi Wilds (Is) [MAP]
The Shroud Of Darkness in Tarot Maze (Is) [MAP]
An Eithrean Soldier in Tel Makor (Is) [MAP]
The Skeletal Pirate in The Argosian Wreckage (Is) [MAP]
The Thalassian Powder Monkey in The Argosian Wreckage (Is) [MAP]
A Native Man in The Island (Is) [MAP]
Sloth in The Raven's Roost Inn (Is) [MAP]
The Galavan Rider in The Raven's Roost Inn (Is) [MAP]
The Ace Of Wands in The Tarot (Is) [MAP]
The Ghost Of The Baker in Undead Midgaard (Is) [MAP]
A Dimensional Shambler in Valley of R'Lyeh (Is) [MAP]
A Spectral Hunter in Valley of the Great Ones (Is) [MAP]
A Male Valley Elf in Valley of the Mage (Is) [MAP]
A Skeletal Warrior in Valley of the Mage (Is) [MAP]
A Terracotta Warrior in Ch'ung Kuo (Ly) [MAP]
A Male Resident in Cloud Giants and Crater Lake (Ly) [MAP]
The Lady Simone in Desert of Despair (Ly) [MAP]
The Two-headed Cobra in Desert of Despair (Ly) [MAP]
A Street Urchin in Irapuete (Ly) [MAP]
An Oaxaca Chickling in Irapuete (Ly) [MAP]
The Oaxaca Matriarch in Irapuete (Ly) [MAP]
A Domestic Chicken in Lyme Town (Ly) [MAP]
Stancil Scar in Lyme Town (Ly) [MAP]
A Man Climbing The Mountain in Mount Olympus (Ly) [MAP]
Poseidon in Mount Olympus (Ly) [MAP]
The Sahaguin High King in Poseidon's Realm (Ly) [MAP]
Shadowkiller Dog in Shadowlands (Ly) [MAP]
A Troll in Temple of Blood (Ly) [MAP]
A Dire Wolf Pup in The Ebony Tower (Ly) [MAP]
A Gargoyle in The Ebony Tower (Ly) [MAP]
Kikimora in The Lost Castle of Kitezh and Kitezh Lake (Ly) [MAP]
The Ambassador From Westwood in The Lost Cross (Ly) [MAP]
The Coffin Maker in The Lost Cross (Ly) [MAP]
A Giant Toad in The Sewers of Lyme (Ly) [MAP]
The Kirre Prophet Of Tigers in Tiger Temple (Ly) [MAP]
Phoom in Arboretum I (SS) [MAP]
The Witch Doctor in Arboretum I (SS) [MAP]
A Centaur Merchant in Centaurs' Domain (SS) [MAP]
A Child in Dalina Mansion (SS) [MAP]
A Derro Wellborn in Derro Caverns (SS) [MAP]
The Ettin Musician in Ettin Village (SS) [MAP]
An Undulating Flame in Fairy Forest (SS) [MAP]
A Kender Weapon Merchant in Kendermore (SS) [MAP]
Cartographer Slinky in M.A.G.I.C (SS) [MAP]
Drunk Savant Sqrll in M.A.G.I.C (SS) [MAP]
Matthias in Mansion of the Mourned (SS) [MAP]
A Dire Wolf Pack Leader in Murkwood (SS) [MAP]
An Enormous Pale Lanternfish in Murkwood (SS) [MAP]
A Blue Whale in Niebelung Beach (SS) [MAP]
A Phantom Creek Spider in Phantom Creek (SS) [MAP]
A Dread Wolf in Ravenloft in Barovia (SS) [MAP]
A Witch's Ghost in Ravenloft in Barovia (SS) [MAP]
The Angel Natasha in Ravenloft in Barovia (SS) [MAP]
The Gypsy Butcher in Ravenloft in Barovia (SS) [MAP]
A Dwarven Mushroom Tender in Settlestone (SS) [MAP]
An Elite Wight Guardsman in Shadow Keep (SS) [MAP]
The Elven Bowyer in Sky Elves (SS) [MAP]
A Fishing Landshark in The DemonWeb and Citadel (SS) [MAP]
A Clay Golem in The Dwarven Mountain (SS) [MAP]
A Black Leech in The Labyrinth (SS) [MAP]
A Cograph Explorer in The Maw (SS) [MAP]
A Naked Mage in Tower of Nexialism (SS) [MAP]
Khalagan The Recalcitrant in Tower of Nexialism (SS) [MAP]
A Cabin Boy in Undead Burial Grounds (SS) [MAP]
A Cannibalized Corpse in Undead Burial Grounds (SS) [MAP]
A Flowering Rose Bush in Xanthippe (SS) [MAP]
Black Warlock in Carnival (Vk) [MAP]
Roach The Bartender in Carnival (Vk) [MAP]
A Muckdweller Octopus in Cavern of Star City (Vk) [MAP]
Dollface in Fraternal Order of Clowns (Vk) [MAP]
Honky in Fraternal Order of Clowns (Vk) [MAP]
King Rat in Newbatia Attics (Vk) [MAP]
A Gang Member in Newbatia (Vk) [MAP]
A Repulsive Goo in Waterfall (Vk) [MAP]
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