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Postby Gorka » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:52 am

So I made a bard, not a very serious one, just a "play thing." Today I went back over some previous discussions between Sochi, Taron, Oboe and Kid about Charisma. Interesting reading. I'm finding it unbearably difficult to play my bard solo at the moment, so I just bring him out for groups or for leading... I do expect things will get better...

However there is one thing still affecting all newbie's I think, not just young bards, and that is the To Hit formula. A number of years ago it was modified and there was a massive outcry that no one could hit anything. I think that's when sloth brooches and stuff came about... but you loose those after level 20, and it seems if you have anything less than 10 you can't hit anything anyway. I ran in a group today for 2hrs with +7 (I think). I missed over 750 attacks during that time. People have also noted, that once you have about +25 hit, it barely makes a difference at all to add anymore.

This seems a problem to me that the +hit "window" kind of exists between 10-25 when the "window should cover the whole wall" so to speak. I wouldn't be surprised if the formula does cover the whole wall, however once the mob ac is factored into the calculation, it becomes offset too much so that lowbies still miss to much. It seems the first 5+ points to hit aren't enough to clear the ac offset. I probably should have posted a log of me fighting a servant in blaster temple... but there is probably a max length on forum posts, and the thing just kept regening before I could hurt it anyway. It's not a great welcome for new players... 30min epics with a servant in blaster temple for 30k xp.
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