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Nalva wants to kill you despite you not stealing from *him*

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:55 am
by Teron
A disfigured bull gets a dursimite hide from inside the corpse of a scarred dursimite.
Your target is no longer with us.

<475hp 54ma 296mv> 630266785 549859 - -7.7 +0 indoors
+3609208 90230 +0
get all corpse
What should the spell be cast upon?

<478hp 56ma 298mv> 630266785 549859 - -7.7 +0 indoors
You get gold coins from the corpse of a scarred dursimite that's on the ground.
There were 1184 coins.
236 g/sec

<479hp 57ma 299mv> 630266785 551043 - -7.7 +0 indoors
steal hide bull
Nalva yells 'Tut, tut! Stealing from me? Bad form, Songster! I'm afraid you must die!'
You are viciously massacred by Nalva's hit.

Nalva is referred to by the name of, 'Nalva'