Newbie Changes!!! Yea...

Code changes, new spells/skills/songs, etc

Newbie Changes!!! Yea...

Postby *Splork* » Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:40 pm

Sloth is a very intricate and difficult MUD, twenty years of development will do that. At one time, we were one of the friendliest newbie MUDS out there, but with time and changes, that may no longer be the case. It’s time to get back to our roots and help the little guys out. I have spent the last few weeks coding tons changes, which should make new players to MUDS and experienced players whom are new to Sloth, be able to adapt, level, and enjoy our game much more than they had been able to.

A list of changes:
1) Players start with a near complete set of leather equipment. Previously they only had 2-3 items.
2) Players start with stats at 14 rather than 12. This adds hps, hpr, mana, mr, moves, and mr.
3) A damroll has been added to all newbie weapons, hopefully tickling is a thing of the past.
4) A third holy weapon has been added, a holy mace. This means that 3 weapons are available at each altar. Holy weapons are the “cheat” weapons for newbies, tons of damage and hitroll, please check them out.
5) Once reaching level 8, players get a choice from 10 rolls, rather than the previous 5. Five more chances to get great stats!
6) No eating or drinking until level 15
7) New command “hometown” - returns any player under prime level of 15 to their hometown
8) All experience on VK has been increased by about 10%
9) The last and best change was coded by Breeze, the graveyard [Breeze Note: The graveyard area itself was built by Neptune]. Players under the level of 15 will be sent to the graveyard if they die. Here they will find their tomb and pray at the altar to get back to the continent from which they died on. Seeing the initial login screen are things of the past for these characters. Please thank Breeze for this addition.

Again, please remember, without the help of you guys encouraging these players, any attempts at making the game easier to understand or simply to level is not going to work. They need to feel the ‘sloth” aura, the friendship which exists inside of groups and between all of you. The ‘sloth” experience is very important for you to share, if we combine our efforts I am very confident we can grow our player base.


All of these changes are in-game starting tomorrow morning, after the reboot.
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