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MXP based Whiner

PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 6:58 pm
by *juggleblood*
Please share any mxp based scripts you might have. I'm curious to see them.

Here is a whiner based on mxp. Its a lot simpler than it appears at first glance. A lot of this garbage is color codes. The key is using the optional trigger in the variable command to detect changes in your MXP variables.

#defgroup mxpwhiner

#alias {whineoff} {gt \\c11 -------------------Whining Disabled---------------------;#var whine 0} {G|mxpwhiner}
#alias {whineon} {gt \\c11-----------------Whining Enabled ----I'm the Tank ----------------------;#var whine 1} {G|mxpwhiner}
#alias {wmsg1} {gt \\c15------> [hp: \\c06$CurrentHP \\c15/ $MaxHP ma: \\c06$CurrentMana \\c15/ $MaxMana] \\c09[\\c11+$deltahp hp\\c09] \\c06[$lite]} {G|mxpwhiner}
#alias {wmsg2} {gt \\c04-------> \\c15[hp: \\c06$CurrentHP \\c15/ $MaxHP ma: \\c06$CurrentMana\\c15 / $MaxMana] \\c09[\\c04$deltahp hp\\c09] \\c06[$lite]} {G|mxpwhiner}
#alias {ws} {#showme Whiner Sensitivity set to $0 hp; #var ws $0;#math negws {0-$ws}} {G|mxpwhiner}
#variable {CurrentHP} {500} {G|mxpwhiner}{T|#math {deltahp}{$CurrentHP-$lasthp};#var lasthp {$CurrentHP};#if {$whine=1}{#if {$deltahp>$ws}{wmsg1};#if {$deltahp<$negws}{wmsg2}}}
#defgroup {}

* The [$lite] in the message on my scripts shows the type of lite and the time remaining. I just added a line into the sanctuary/aegis counter that sents the $lite variable to 'Sanc:$literemain' to make it show in the whiner.