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Firefox/explorer scripts

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:59 pm
by *Splork*
This will create a window that can bring up anything
from inside your internet explorer, firefox,etc.

The small example below does the following:
1)creates a windowcalled web

2)creates an action called dynamic_map
*This takes slothmuds dynamic map and sets it
right inside the window titled web
so that you can watch players move without opening
your browser

3)creates an action called whatis. This brings up our eqlist
right inside in the window called web. You can
search for equipment without opening up your broswer.

#htmlwindow {Web} {about:blank}

#defgroup {Maps}
#alias {dynamic_map} {#htmlbrowse {Web} {}} {G|Maps}
#alias {web_clear} {#clearwin {Web}} {G|Maps}
#alias {whatis} {#htmlbrowse {Web} {$0&continent=All&changemonth=01&changedate=01&changeyear=2000&viewflags=View+Only&actionmenu=maproom.php}} {G|Maps}
#defgroup {}

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:52 am
by Nightwolf
A question about the mechanics of the connection: Will the browser connect via its own settings (i.e. the proxy settings i put into firefox), or via the direct connection used by the client... (since my non-proxy-bandwith is restricted, I'd need to know that :/ )